learn how to remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can be relatively simple. Newer wallpapers, especially non-woven wallpapers, are designed to be strippable, so you can peel them off the wall easily. To strip wallpaper, or find out what kind of job lies ahead, find a corner … Readmore

how to hang unpasted wallpaper

Tools you will need to hang unpasted wallpaper: Paste Paste Brush or roller Knife or snap off blade Level Sponge & bucket of clean water Smoothing brush or plastic smoother Tape Measure 4″ – 6″ inch Putty knife and or … Readmore

how to hang murals

Please refer to the instructions that came with your mural as different murals have different installation methods. In general, installing murals is similar to installing wallpaper. Before you begin, make sure that the wall space that the mural will cover … Readmore